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Acumen 2008 - Questions of the Campus Finals

Long time, Here are the Questions to the Acumen 2008 - Campus Finals, It was an awesome Campus finals, with Harsha doing it in style, this year's Acumen had IIMK, ICFAI Bangalore, SIBM - Bangalore and TAPMI, a very good level of quizzing.

without further ado, lets move on :)

Round 1 - Straight Bat

1) Note by Note quality, Marcus Robers, Harry Connick and Bill Charlap, it has 12000 parts, 115 different patents and assembled by 450 ppl, Identify?

2) Duchy's Originals, an organic product brand is a 5 billion company interested in venturing into India, Identify the person associated with the company Duchy's Originals?

3) He studied Architecture at Harvard, made a film with Mira Nair, Filmed the Kumbh Mela, He founded the Harvard Business School Association, an avid football fan, Identify?

4) Viloo Morawala - Patell, her name Villoo means respect and environment, has ventured into bio pharma and bio nutrition, She plans to decode the longevity DNA of Parsis, Identify the Company?

Round 2 - Hawk Eye

5) Identify the celebrity in this advertisement

6) What is going on

7) Identify the person who expressed his frank opinion on Canadian Cooking

An Audio was shown - Answer was Col Sanders

8) Identify the story teller as well as the subject

Round 3 - BT Cover Story

9) What change did IATA bring to the Airline Industry this year?

10) Some question on Tata Tea Stake - didnt get this question

11) Which is the largest cement producer in India?

12) Founded by Husband Michael and Wife Xochi Berg, which has a handy expansion, this also is the nickname of a bollywood Celebrity?

13) Jim Patterson of the 'Ripleys Believe it or not' purchased something similar in the year 2008, Identify

14) Out of a 5 city survey by United Pizza in India , Which Snack topped the list?

15) In the year 1919, when RCA was taken by G.E including the CEO of which company?

16) Founded by Ericsson, Motorola and Psion for mobile phones and PDA's, it was purchased by Nokia, Identify

17) The forcible take over of which company is known as the second atom bomb dropped?

18) A suburb in Mumbai is having 2.1 billion dollars for an new international Airport, Identify the place ?

Round 4 - Bookies Corner

19) The term Cause related Marketing first came into prominence by this Company, when in the 1983, this company raised money for the restoration of the Statue of Liberty?

20) Which Studio has the highest averager revenues of $540 million

21) Showed a quote in Thomas Friedman, went something like this ' Two things have changed the face of globalization, X was IT, what was the second, he was looking for a company ?

22) When a finance meltdown, this businessman started his own bank in the year 1907, it was named 'the city's first national bank' or the chettiars bank, Identify

Round - 5 - Clean Sweep ( Four Questions on Retail, IT, Financial Services and Textiles)


23) Which was the first retail listed on the BSE, which had BalGangadhar Tilak as a board of directors


24) The Hyper Text Protocol developed in the University of Minnesota called Goldy, Which Animal is Goldy?


25) some question in 1888, a course frock or upper garment, wore by John Mallory etc, Identify the Garment, coundn't recollect?

Financial Services

26) What did Jim Cramer say on the 11th of May 2008?


27) missed the question - looks vague on my scribbling pad - 1991 , 20 crores, stan, knowledge



28) Missed the question


28) Which is the design of the brand name which is outside, of an artist collection in 1933

Financial Services

29) Nationalised in 1943, Founded by GD Birla with his own money and Indian Management, What are we talking about ( Bank) ?


30) Founded by Henry Doharty in the year 1910 which country's gas and oil outlet is called CITGO?


31) 30% of the iPhones, what modification is done?


32) From 1995 - 2006, this company handcrafted James Bond Collection, these are handcrafted, there are only 25 stores in the world and the company refuses to publicise that it stiches for James Bond, Identify?

Financial Services

33) Time Founder Henry Luce after a seven month low on Wall Street Submitted a proposal to his co-partner, Put fundae?


34) Mustaq Ahmed started this in Singapore, today it boasts of more than 18000 customer acrss various outlets in a day? Identify


35) 1960, Paul, Donald and Leonard in their help to US Military nicknamed some potato ( missed the question ) can get the question on google with these clues,


36) Missed the question

Financial Services

37) The Hamlet of Purchase plays host to some play - Identify the company?

Round 6 -

38) During the license permit raj, a quote 'Ask X is you are going to the cabinet" Identify X

39) Picture of Antilla - before the building ever started

40) There are two kinds of journalists, one are jounalists, the other being stenographers, he won the Magsaysay award and writes about Famine and hunger, Identify

41) Picture of Volkart brothers and some trivia was given?

Round 7 - Connect Round

41) Reebok Fish Fry Collection, Identify?

Manish Arora

42) Has 6 out of the top 50 beer brands in the world, It is the largest bottling of Coca Cola, Identify

SAB Miller

43) Leontopodum, occurs in the Australian 2 Euro, uniforms and badges of the Swiss Army, appears on the Airline and also a mountain class, Identify


IIMK with the Buzzer answered IPL, ICFAI pressing the Buzzer again for ICL and winning it, It was one awesome quiz fought well, the quiz master was at his usual best, the other teams on stage were SIBM - Bangalore and TAPMI

The last question

44) Howrah Union Football to Merge with Bengal Football Academ and pass the initiatives to Royal Bengal Club ( didnt take this properly)?

Post your answers as comments, Will add the answers and the Questions to the Alumni version shortly

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