Saturday, June 14, 2008

MultiQuizine 12

Here are the questions to MultiQuizine 12, send in your answers to

1) The user defined distribution channel for mobile content was initiated in August 2007, Its name comes from ''Mobilize and Share'' Name it and the company who launched it?

2) An unemployed single mother of three children after losing a personal injury against a doctor asks her lawyer , if she could find a job for the compensation for her loss, the lawyer gives her a post of a clerk where she runs across the files involving medical records and real-estate files, which company are we talking about and identify the single mother?

3) Daniel Piette the fashion director of Louis Vuitton described it as ''possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world'' Identify the retailer?

4)Identify her and the photographer, the photographer is a well known fashion designer and associated with Cchloe's and Stella McCartney

5) In 1923 the Messmer family in Denmark started the sports apparel company, the logo of the company is the stylized bumble bee where the literal translation of bumble bee in the native language is the same name as the company? Identify the company

6) What was his contribution to management education in India,

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Answers to MultiQuizine 11

1) Hedy Lemar ( The actress who once held the patents of CDMA)

2) Hyundai

3) Satyajit Ray

4) Nautica

5) East West Airlines

6) Playmobil