Monday, May 19, 2008

MultiQuizine 11

Here are the questions to Multiquizine 11, answers in a week, send in your answers to
1) Identify her with respect to the business of telecommunications and how is she related to telecommunications?
2) Innocean is the in-house advertising agency of which company?
3) Connect

4) It was founded by David Chu in the year 1983, and was named after the latin word for ship, this boasts os 170 branded stories in 64 countries and was sold in 2003, Name the company?

5) Identify the logo

6) 1-2-3, Adventure, Airport, Christmas, City Life, Construction, Dollhouse, Easter, Egyptians, Fairy Tale, Farm, Horse Farm, Hospital, Knights, Leisure, Magic Castle, Micro Modern Living, Pirates,Police Rescue, Romans, Special Sports, Superset, Transport Port, TransportTrain, Wedding, Waterworld, Zoo are all themes of?

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Answers to MultiQuizine 10

1) Income Tax

2) Axiom

3) Credit Card

4) Gucci

5) X = Elton John and Y = Versace

6) Anita Roddick

Quinkie Anniversary quiz - Answers

1) Pilgrims Pride Corporation

2) Isotta-Franschini

3) Wonderbra

4) Eastman Kodak

5) Pilsbury

6) Moore's Law