Friday, September 12, 2008

MultiQuizine 16

Here are the Questions to MultiQuizine 16, do mail me the answers to
1) PZero Card is the privileged card from which company, more popular in the calender than its own business?
2) Henry X was an American exchange Banker and pioneer, he managed the banking house of Page, Bacon & Co during the california Gold Rush Era, A street has been named in his honour which reflected the Hippie Culture, Identify?

3) The is a campaign created by the UN refugee agency, its whole purpose is to give more than 9 million children more access to education, sports and technology by the year 2010. Name the two companies that have partnered with UN refugee agency?

4) Connect

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Answers to MultiQuizine 15

Here are the Answers to MultiQuizine 15,

1) Charlie Munger

2) Eristalis gatesi

3) Gay Staking in the retail parlance, is when the clothes of girls and guys are staked together and there is a mixing of clothes here and there.

4) Lambert & Butler

5) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Thanks and Regard.