Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FORE Online Quiz

A Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali to each and everyone of you!!!!!!

Here are the online questions of the online quiz event of FORE conducted by q
uiz master Mr Gautam Bose, the prelims was used to shortlist the teams for the finals, the cut off was 6 and the highest was 9, the quiz final was won by Accenture, ICICI and GLS came second followed by Samriddhi finance

Given below are the questions to the FORE, send in your answers to pure_schizophrenia@yahoo.com, Answers in a week's time,

1) Connect

2) Name this Iconic brand?

3) Connect

4) What term in economics is named after him ?

5) Connect

6) This advertisement alludes to which event, and also name the organizer of the event?

7) Name the company being advertised

8) Advertisement for what?

9) Identify this monument

10) What is this

11) Name the person

12) What is this

13) Identify the Icon

14) Connect

15) Which product is being advertised