Thursday, October 2, 2008

MultiQuizine 17

Here are the Questions to MultiQuizine 17 - send in your answers to, Answers n a week, well in a week's time

1) Florestas Do Futuru in Portuguese translates Forests of the Future, it was started by the NGO named SOS Atlantic Forest, its aim was for the reforestation of the Brazil forests, until recently a new forest was named after Gisele Bundchen called 'Gisele Bundchen Sementes', Identify the company that sponsored the Gisele Bundchen Sememtes?

2) The Rebel Billionaire: X's quest for the best is a reality show on the lines of Donald Trump's Apprentice, Identify X

3) He hosted the Mike Tyson Vs Michael Spinks bout and once acted as a financial advisor for Mike Tyson, Identify the person

4) He presented a diamond iPod to Shahrukh's son and Aishwarya Rai and presented a diamond ball to cricketer, he heads a diamond company's business, Identify this person?

5) David Clark, an engineer from Surrey England, had decades old copies of the Electronics Magazine, He was awarded $10000 from Intel, Why?

6) We are living in a high-tech world where programming choices abound and the ways to view content are very sophisticated. While many parents want to control what their kids are exposed to, they simply don't know how. The Take Parental Control initiative, educates parents about how to keep adult material out of the hands of their children based on all platforms: computers, cell phones, video games, satellite radio, wireless devices and television. Identify the company which has launched this Corporate Social Responsiblity program?

7) Hamsa Damayanti is a tribute to the royal painter Raja Ravi Verma on his 150th anniversary and Aishwarya Pookal captures the grandeur of the Padmanabapuram Palace, Both of them have been award winning pieces of art from which company?

8) Identify the advertiser

9) Identify the opening paragraph of which book?

Answers to MultiQuizine 16

Here are the Answers to MultiQuizine 16

1) Pirelli

2) Henry Haight of the Haight-Ashbury

3) Nike and Microsoft

4) Peter Stuyvesant - There is a brand of Tobacco from AT named after this, He appears in a level in Sid Miers Colonization and he built the protective wall around wall street.

5) Rupert Fernandes - the composer of the tunes