Thursday, July 10, 2008

Answers to MultiQuizine 12

Here are the Answers to MultiQuizine 12

1) Mosh

2) Erin Broncowich and the company is the Pacific Oil and Gas Company

3) Zara

4) Carla Bruni and the designer is Karl Lagerfeld

5) Hummel International

6) Louis Kahn the architect of the IIM Ahmedabad

MultiQuizine 13 - Scrabble Special

Today Marks the 60th Birthday of Scrabble the game that has been ever popular, the game today is a part of the pop culture icon so much so that this quiz is dedicated to this game, MultiQuizine 11 and 12 received very very lukewarm responses, hope 13 would be lucky...send in your answers to

1) This was developed by the speakers of the United States English who published this with the efforts of the Merriam Websters dictionary in the year 1978, Selchow and Righter who owned the rights emphasised that the words should be from the five dictionaries, which were merraim-webster, Funk and Wagnallas, American heritage dictionary, Websters and Random House. This is used as official source in United States, Thailand, Canada and Isreal and is also marketed to children and families. Identify?

2) Sports reporter for the Wall Street Journal's book subtitled 'Heartbreak, triumph,Genius and Obsession in the world of Scrabble players' introducers the world into the competitive world of Scrabble from a 'good living room player' to a player ranked as expert, Identify the book and the Author of this New York Times bestseller and notable book?

3) Taking the question two into consideration, there is a movie based loosely on the book where the movie reports on the same people, Give me the name of the movie?

4) Identify this logo with relation to the game Scrabble

5) Where was the Scrabble used and for what?

6) "A big, dumb, balding North American ape... with no chin". was the word that Bart Simpson defined when he played Scrabble, Identify this work?

Answers in a week.