Monday, April 28, 2008

MultiQuizine 10

Here are the questions to MultiQuizine 10, Answers and Scores in a week!!!!! send in your answers to

1) Emperor Wang Mang of China was the first to introduce this in the year 10, the official introduction was in the budget of December 1798 by William Pitt the younger, What are we talking about?

2) This brand from Isuzu was designed in japan using a ''knife-blade'' theme for its styling, This name was inspired from a car naming contest and a doctor from Redmond by name Dr. Hakan Urey won it thus naming this brand from Isuzu. Identify the brand of car from the stable from Isuzu?

3) This term was used 11 times in the book Looking backward by Edward Bellamy, Modern usage of the term goes to Ralph Schenider and Frank McNamara in 1950. Identify the term.

4) Identify the advertiser
5) X dedicated this Album to Y who was murdered during the release of this Album, Identify X and Y from this picture?

6) Who's brand child is this, Clue ( X got sued from Mattel for this)?

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quinkie Anniversary Quiz - 1

Congrats for Quinkie for making this long a journey, even Jim Collins would be proud of this :D
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1) A feed store opened in the 1946 in Pittsburg express called the Lonnie 'Bo Pilgrim, they expanded their business by dressing like pilgrims, with a pet chicken called Henrietta, today this practice still continues, Identify the company who's NYSE ticker is PPC?

2) This was founded by its founders Cesare and Oreste, with the motto 'Import, Sell, Repair Cars'. they started assembling renaults and early films such as Clara Bow and Rodolfo Valentino drove these cars, Identify the name of the company?

3) Identify the advertiser
4) Identify the personality by the picture?
5) This is the anniversary ad for which brand?

6) Put Fundae

Answers to MultiQuizine 9

These are the answers to MultiQuizine 9, a lukewarm response though

1) Nirma

2) Duffacolour

3) The original coca-cola bottle

4) Lux

5) Absolut

6) Scott Adams Foods

7) Mary Quant